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We’ve compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions we hear about retirement planning. Some of the answers may surprise you! Download the Ready For Retirement FAQs now and get our bonus Retirement Readiness Quiz!

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With a career, family obligations and personal life, you have many demands on your time. Has planning for your own financial security ended up on the back burner? Stoffer Wealth Advisors provides personalized financial advisory services that create the right “financial recipe” for your future.

Our Financial Advisory Services

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

What is financial planning? People don’t always know why or when they need it. Sure, retirement is most often the impetus to call a financial advisor. Learning how to save and invest for the future are good reasons to seek financial advisors. But what if you were thinking about changing careers, living in Europe for a year, or selling one house to buy another? All of these decisions can be made with the help of a financial advisor.

Financial Planning

Investment Management

Ever stop to ask yourself why you own certain investments? Do you monitor them periodically? What’s your investment mix, i.e. the percentage of each major category of investment (cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, etc.) in your portfolio? Why does your investment mix matter? Can you just set it and forget it? Providing answers to these questions is where financial advisors come in, but we often need to start with a basic question: “What is you money for?”

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is the most common reason people call financial advisors. What people come to realize is that they still need a “paycheck” in retirement and they’re not sure where it’s going to come from. In reality, we pay ourselves. And the funds can come from multiple sources: Social Security, retirement accounts, pensions (for those who still get such things) income from rental property, savings, etc.

Meet Jeff: Financial Advisor

Hi, I’m Jeff Stoffer, financial advisor serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2008. I founded Stoffer Wealth Advisors during the Great Recession. It seemed at once almost crazy, and at the same time like a calling. People were experiencing great stress and loss and I felt that I could help. I now call upon my many years’ experience to help people invest wisely and plan for a secure and abundant future.

Jeff Stoffer Wealth Advisors Financial Planning Marin County.San Francisco Bay Area

Why Stoffer Wealth Advisors

Jeff Stoffer: One of San Francisco's Premier Financial Advisors

With so many financial advisors to choose from in San Francisco, why choose us? At Stoffer Wealth Advisors we’re dedicated to improving your financial well-being, and our promise is to bring all of our experience and skills to helping you navigate your financial life. Careful and skillful management of your wealth and providing a personalized experience are our core strengths at Stoffer Wealth Advisors, one of San Francisco’s most trusted financial advisors.

My Recipe for Success

My “recipe” for financial success is based on making conscious choices with money, being clear on your values and making sure your money goes toward what matters most. Just as with cooking, you know that if you follow certain steps the results will be better for having done so.

That’s where My Recipe for Success Blog comes in. One of the most common misconceptions financial advisors need to dispel is the notion that one has to have a massive pile of money to get started. Nothing could be further from the truth, and by following my Recipe for Success, your journey can begin today.

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