Lima Bean Soup with Cabbage and Ham

This soup is the epitome of winter comfort food! Hot, savory and filling. It makes a great lunch or dinner. If you make stock and cook lima beans in advance it comes together in less than an hour.


3 T canola oil (duck fat is good too!)
1 C. diced onion
1 C. diced celery
2 C. cooked lima beans (about one cup dried)
1 C. diced carrot
2 large sprigs of sage
6 fresh thyme sprigs or ¼ tsp. dried
5 juniper berries (optional) smashed
1 small bay leaf
1 ½ C. diced ham (about ½ pound)
1 large clove garlic thinly sliced
4 C. green cabbage large dice (3/4 inch)

Fava Bean Toasts

Summer is creeping up on us and fava beans are still in the markets…perhaps not much longer though. This recipe shows them off at their best. Making a paste out of them may take away from their natural beauty, but they taste so good mixed with garlic, olive oil and fresh basil that you can’t imagine them tasting any better. But then, garlic, olive oil and basil could make breakfast cereal taste better, right?

Paella Over The Fire

This is a party dish! I’ve done it numerous times on a large Weber barbeque. It is a little challenging at first to get the fire just right, but I’ll share my tips to help you have this remarkable cooking (and dining) experience! I think the keys are meticulous organization and preparation because once the pan is on the fire everything moves along quickly.

Fried Fava Beans

I had these at a restaurant in the city recently. The favas are cooked in their pods cutting down on the labor required! With all the ingredients on hand you can make them in about 20 minutes. They are so good I’ve made them three or four times now. The only ‘secret’ is to choose small pods, six inches or less in length. They are fried at a lower temperature, thus slower, to allow the beans to cook. It is still early enough in the season that finding small ones should not be a problem.

Potato Gratin with Celery Root

I’ve served this a couple of times recently and it is such a simple crowd-pleasing dish that it is worth sharing. Celery root is common in stores but one of those things that if you don’t know what to do with it, you ignore it. It has a delightfully mild celery flavor and marries well with potatoes and cream.

Prawns with Lemon and Mint

I tend to be a purist when it comes to seafood, meaning nothing frozen. Every so often I succumb and buy previously frozen prawns…probably because TJ’s or Whole Foods had them on sale. This dish just occurred to me as I was walking through the produce aisle. It is fast and easy to make and pretty darned good!

Fall Salad with Endive, Celery, Persimmon and Parmagiano

As the weather cools chicories come to mind. Their hearty bitterness makes them ideally suited to savory salad ingredients with assertive flavor combinations. This recipe is fun for its use of celery, persimmon and parmesan. Each ingredient adds its own unique texture and flavor contribution to the balance of the dish. The sweetness of the persimmons and the salty/nutty character of the cheese are great counterpoints to the chicories.

Pappa al Pomodoro

I first had this dish in Italy in 1985. I must say it is well…rather pedestrian. It isn’t much to look at and is best described as a ‘mush.’ But, at this time of year when tomatoes are plentiful and ripe, it is a wonderful dish! It is so satisfying because it seems to capture […]

Pasta with Ham, Beans and Corn

It is so easy to come home from the farmer’s market with a dozen ingredients. Then the question arises, “What to make?” This recipe combines a number of goodies from the market in late summer, red peppers, tomatoes, corn, and herbs. The dish really sings with the addition of savory ham, a great counterpoint to the sweetness of the vegetables. It is delicious leftover (even cold) and doesn’t take long to make!

Macaroni with White Bolognese

While I still appreciate a delicious tomato-based pasta sauce, I tend to make this one more often. It is simple and easily becomes dinner in about an hour. Made with ground veal or turkey it is a very satisfying variation of your basic spaghetti sauce. Rossotti Ranch sells their hormone and antibiotic-free veal at the Marin Farmer’s […]

Summer Bread Salad

This salad is best with some really ripe and juicy tomatoes. Unfortunately it hasn’t been quite hot enough yet. I picked my tomatoes up a few days in advance and let them ripen a little on the counter. With that minor caveat, this is a favorite salad of mine and other family members as well.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are not one of those vegetables that I think about and say, “I sure have missed these since last year!” I might say that of tomatoes or spring garlic, but not Brussels sprouts. That being said, I do like the challenge of making them into something delicious. They seem to need strong flavors around them. Roasting brings all these ingredients together in a tasty way!

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