Love & Money

Love and Money: Proceed With Caution

If you wanted to leave some money to your children, how would you split it between them? You could come up with numbers based upon their likely need for help. Or you could simply divide it equally…after all you love them all, well…equally. Equal distribution is probably the most common way of dividing assets. Yet, …

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Retirement success

The 3 P’s of Retirement Success: Plan, Prioritize, Persist

Retirement success means something different to each of us. Some people see themselves working in retirement because that’s what they’ve always done. Others are afraid to stop working for fear of running out of money. Some people just want to feel secure when they stop working and know they’ll have sufficient money to live.  Since …

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Pay off mortgage or save

Paying Off the Mortgage or Saving For Retirement?

The idea of paying off the mortgage – usually our largest single debt – has an iconic and seemingly straightforward appeal. But is it really the best financial strategy? The relative benefits of paying off a mortgage versus saving for retirement can be complicated. To answer the question it is important to consider your individual …

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Investment fees

How Much Does It Cost To Invest Your Money? Pt. 3

Do you have any idea of the costs and fees associated with your investment accounts? The previous articles in this series have explored the difficulty of determining what things really cost. In discussing this issue with some friends, another frustrating cost question arose: “What does it cost to invest your money?” There was unanimous agreement that information about investment costs was often scarce and confusing. What fees are associated with investing? How do we find out?

Many people don’t know whether or not their accounts are being managed by anyone, and whether or not they are being charged. In this article, we’ll look at those investment accounts you may have. What exactly are you paying for? How much does it cost to have your money managed for you? Some investment vehicles, specifically mutual funds and ETFs, have “expense ratios.” We’ll look at those as well as 401Ks.

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