Why Stoffer Wealth Advisors

At Stoffer Wealth Advisors

We are dedicated to improving your financial well-being

Our promise is to bring all our experience and skills to helping you navigate your financial life. Careful and skillful management of your wealth as well as planning for the future are core strengths at Stoffer Wealth Advisors.

Jeff Stoffer: One of San Francisco's Premier Financial Advisors

We are committed to your values

You are unique and where you spend your time and money should reflect your values, though they don’t always. Our commitment is to help you evaluate your alternatives and choose the clearest and best path forward…one based on your values and priorities.

As stewards of your wealth, we put your interests first…always

We work to ensure your precious assets and resources are there when you need them. We walk alongside you and take a personal interest in seeing you realize your hopes and dreams.

Jeff’s Philosophy

I bring the same spirit and passion to financial planning as I do to cooking – with creativity, planning ahead and meticulous attention to detail. Planning can involve difficult choices regarding emotionally charged issues. Specializing in helping people to work with their emotions and to more clearly articulate their values is very important to me. After all, spending money in alignment with our values – in other words, having our money go toward those things that matter the most to us – is the closest we can get to money buying happiness.
Learn more about how this philosophy can help you. Take a look at our comprehensive financial services to get started or contact Jeff today for a complimentary session to discuss your financial needs.

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