Meet Jeff Stoffer

Jeff Stoffer took the road less traveled on his way to founding Stoffer Wealth Advisors. Following his degree in Cultural Anthropology (B.A. University of California, Berkeley), Jeff ventured into a different passion: gourmet cooking. Staying local, he became chef at Chez Panisse, a renowned restaurant that has received accolades from diners and critics around the world. However, the world of investments continued to intrigue him. He then worked to get his MBA in Finance from California State University, Hayward.

Soon after Jeff got his MBA, he left Chez Panisse and began pursuing a new path. Shortly after starting his finance career, he earned his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential. For nearly a decade, Jeff worked as an analyst and portfolio manager for large firms in San Francisco. In 2007, he earned a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) accreditation.

In 2008, Jeff decided to use everything that he’d learned both in industry and in life to go where his passion truly was: helping people one-on-one. Despite the looming global economic crisis, Jeff founded Stoffer Wealth Advisors. Clients soon discovered that his unique brand of wealth management navigated their emotions and fears to help them make smart, conscious long-term choices. In the face of the Great Recession, it turned out that people didn’t just want this – it was an absolute necessity in a time of economic uncertainty.

Today, Jeff continues to help clients from his Marin office. In addition to his successful advisory practice, Jeff has served as a board member of Whistlestop and a mentor for 10,000 Degrees (formerly the Marin Education Fund). Jeff’s retirement plan includes touring Europe and South America on a motorcycle.

Jeff's Philosophy

Jeff brings the same spirit and passion to financial planning as he does to cooking – creativity, planning ahead and meticulous attention to detail. Planning can involve difficult choices regarding emotionally charged issues. Jeff specializes in helping people work with their emotions and to more clearly articulate their values. After all, spending money in alignment with our values, that is having our money go toward those things that matter to us most, is the closest we get to money buying happiness.

Learn more about how this philosophy can help you — read Jeff's Recipe For Success or view Stoffer Wealth Advisors comprehensive services to get started.