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You know the old adage: “Money can’t buy you love”.

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And yet, for many of us, money and emotions like love and happiness are tightly related.

But is it money itself that really makes us happy? Or is it what money buys that brings us happiness?

And what exactly is it that money buys?

Yes, money buys us things like food, clothing and other things we must have just to survive in our daily lives.

But what about the things we want vs. the things we need? And what are those “things”?

Other than the essential things in life, like food and basic living needs, what else do we really want or need? Do we want safety and security now, or in our retirement years? Do we want fame or prestige? Do we want to “keep up with the Joneses’”? Do we want to have amazing experiences with our partner?

There are a thousand and one things that money can provide for us. But other than basic sustenance, the essence of money is what is does for us emotionally and how it satisfies our needs and desires.

What are the things that will really satisfy us? What are our life dreams, aspirations and goals?

Once we start thinking about the purpose of money, we begin to see an entirely different picture of how money impacts our lives…and our happiness.

Our relationship with money and how we spend it is a reflection of what we think we want or need.

Would it surprise you to know that what we think will make us happy and how we actually spend our money may be quite different?

Put another way, does your money go toward what matters most to you to live a fulfilling and satisfying life?

The truth is that how we spend money and what we believe will bring us happiness may be entirely different things! We’re very often on auto-pilot when we spend, and seldom consider our values and priorities when it comes to money.

In fact, for most of us, dealing with money can be pretty emotional.

We over-spend, we become guilty. We don’t spend enough, we worry whether we’re doing the right thing. We can feel shame and burdened by things like debt, and overjoyed when we “treat” ourselves or a loved one with a special gift.

So yes, money and happiness can be tangled together in some tricky and complicated ways.

So we’ve come up with a simple, easy way for you to find out how you feel about money, and start on the path of figuring out if your money really is bringing you happiness.

In a few easy steps, the Money and Happiness Quiz will help you to untangle some of your money values and help you get clear about what matters to you.

Download the Money and Happiness Quiz now so you can find out how Money and Happiness are connected in your life. It costs nothing and you might be surprised at the results.

Download the Quiz

Download the Money and Happiness Quiz now so you can find out how Money and Happiness are connected in your life.

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