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As an investment manager and financial planner, I very much enjoy my work. Through the years, I’ve sought ways to speak about that work that are interesting to other people.

Years ago, using my background as a professional chef, I taught a class about investments using a four-course meal as the framework for creating a diversified investment portfolio. One night I did a “cooking demonstration” where I cooked dinner and talked about financial planning (fifty people attended!).

I have also done the ‘standard’ financial planning basics talks, for example on Financial Planning Days that cover the basics of personal finance.

Now my focus has shifted to understanding our behavior with money. It is a complex subject and each of us has our own personality and relationship with money. It is inherently part of who we are and how we make choices about investing and saving for retirement.

Emotions & Money Workshop

First Course: The Dinner Party

“Your unique presentation did more to open my thinking than any psychiatrist might.”

David K.

San Rafael, CA

Speaking Topics

I speak to groups of 20 to 200. Those most likely to benefit are those who want to understand how we think and behave with money. Most of what we do with money is unconscious. To make more conscious choices with it we need to be aware of our emotional triggers and our unstated beliefs. My talks and workshops draw upon my experiences and extensive reading about the psychology of money. I bring in research from neuroscience and behavioral finance (aka behavioral economics) to highlight ways that our decisions can be on auto pilot.

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Financial Planning

Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money – Do we spend our money on what matters most? I draw on research in the areas of neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and behavioral finance (without the jargon, of course!) to help answer this profound question. Much of our money behavior is unconscious. Do we really know why we make some of the choices we do? This talk highlights things that lead to bad decisions and how you can work through them to increase your nest egg.

Financial Planning

Emotions and Money

A workshop on “Emotions and Money.” This is a 60 to 90 minute experiential workshop. I don’t lecture so much as lead people through three or four exercises to help them learn about themselves, and their relationship with money. Do you have an idea how emotions affect how we spend money? Our past, how we were raised and the financial events in our lives have a hidden impact on us. Many of our spending choices are unconscious. I believe that we have the ability to make conscious choices, but we need to understand our relationship with money, that is, how our emotions and our history with money influence who we are now.

Financial Planning

Transitions and Money

For people in transition I do an hour long program that looks not just at money, but how it ties into what can be a challenging time. Changing careers or being on the job market for a prolonged period of time is bound to bring stress into our lives. Keeping an eye on the financial while staying focused on presenting our best selves to the world requires a certain mindset and set of principles.

My personal experiences in this realm bring an empathetic and positive message for those moving to the next phase of their lives.

Past Engagements Include:

California State Bar Association SF
Mill Valley Public Library: Financial Literacy Series
Marin County DA’s office
Benefit for Homeward Bound
Bay Area Rotary & Kiwanis Clubs
Tamalpais Adult Education

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